The process of production of sponge foaming machine and the use of materials


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2021-08-19 11:30

The process of production of sponge foaming machine and the use of materials
The sponge foaming machine is suitable for the continuous production of flexible polyurethane sponge with a density of 8-80kg/cm3. It adopts a touch screen control system with high automation and more flexible operation. Users can store a variety of different formulas and adjust the formula at any time. And remote control via the Internet, making the control of production costs more scientific and intuitive. Used in furniture, bust, shoe materials, electronics, packaging, clothing, automotive, aviation and other fields.
The raw materials used in the sponge foaming machine for producing sponges are mainly polyether polyols, organic isocyanates, water, etc., and the polyols used therein mainly include polyether propylene glycol and polyether glycerol. The most commonly used organic isocyanate is toluene diisocyanate, or TDI for short. In the production of sponge machinery, water is indispensable. Water reacts with toluene diisocyanate to release CO2 gas, and the newly formed amine reacts with isocyanate to form a urea bond compound, which acts as a chain. The reaction of polyether polyol with isocyanic acid requires a catalyst, and dibutyltin is a commonly used catalyst for chain growth. At the same time, a foaming machine for external use and a foam stabilizer are also required. The external foaming agent is usually a low-boiling fluorocarbon compound such as monofluorotrichloromethane, and a stabilizer is commonly used as a silicone foam.
At present, most of the sponge foaming machine production adopts the one-step box foaming method, and the various raw materials are quickly added to the forming box under high-speed stirring, and the chain growth, foaming, solidification and the like are completed in the forming box, thereby completing the sponge. produce.
  The specific process of sponge production in sponge machinery factory is as follows: firstly, the required raw materials are added to the raw material tank, and the raw materials in the raw material tank are continuously stirred. When the material temperature is constant, the raw materials are delivered to the mixing head according to a certain ratio. The mixing head has been rotated before the material is conveyed, and the material is thoroughly mixed in the mixing head to reach the overflow tank. Before the material reaches the overflow trough, the slope of the drop plate, the position of the side chain plate and the transmission speed of the low chain plate are adjusted as required. The mixed raw material flows from the overflow trough to the falling plate, and finally flows to the low-chain version, and the foaming is completed in the foaming box, and the sponge from the foaming box is the finished cotton.


The process of production of sponge foaming machine and the use of materials

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